Toothpaste Scam

Nowadays, toothpaste usage to clean our teeth is like an obligation. Cleaning teeth without toothpaste make us feel something strange as like uncomfortable and unconfidence. Or, we will feel that cleaning teeth without toothpaste can cause toothache. But those all feelings are suggestive only. We have been tricked by campaigns and advertisements by toothpaste factory. I can't say this opinion the without any reason.

The first reason, our former generation never used toothpaste. When my grandfather was dead, he still had complete teeth. As I know he never used toothpaste to clean his teeth in the whole of his life. Our former generation had better ways to clean their teeth. For example, they cleaned their teeth by using charcoal powder. Any charcoal from any trees can be used. But the best charcoal powder is taken from bamboo tree, because it has smoothest texture. The other ways to clean their teeth are using smooth river sand and  betel. Actually every old traditional society had their own unique ways to clean the teeth. I believe those ways are better than cleaning teeth by using toothpaste.

The second toothpaste could be dangerous. I meant the chemical addictive contain in the toothpaste especially flouride. A research found that flouride can decrease teeth strength. It breaks calcium form in the teeth. Perhaps the flouride that also broke my father teeth. His half number of his teeth have been replaced. He clean his teeth by using toothpaste routinely.

In the end I conclude that toothpaste is useless. Campaign is just campaign. Toothpaste factories  only give promises without proofs.

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